We Extend the Kingdom of God amongst the Unreached

And so can you

Welcome to your new Adventure

The Academy of Frontier Media and Arts is an academy with many faces. Here you’ll learn how to communicate the Kingdom of God cross-culturally through various mediums, like photography, film, art, and design. Being trained by the very people who are out there creating for the extension of God’s Kingdom. We’re completely devoted to training individuals in using media forms to communicate the Gospel in ways that are both innovative and culturally relevant.

Phase 1: Build a strong Foundation

Equip2Go +

No better way to start!

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Cross-Cultural Communications and Media Strategy

We place a strong emphasis on Cross-cultural communications, because that's what you'll need out in the field.


All that we create is storytelling, so why not spruce up your knowledge on what story is, and how we can use it to extend God's Kingdom, no matter the medium?

Indigenous Art

A understanding of how, and why, culturally relevant art and media is needed in integral to your future studies. Come and dive in with us!

Phase 2: Upgrade with specialised training

Guerrilla Filmmaking

The School of Frontier Media was the school that changed everything. After many years of improvement it makes its way into the Academy via our filmmaking course. Come and learn how to use audio-visual tools to communicate the Gospel to those who have never heard and don’t have an opportunity to do so.


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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts course (Previously the Visual Arts for Missions school) is an art program focused on developing culturally relevant art resources for Unreached peoples. Come and train with us and use your passion and talent for art to expand God’s Kingdom. These teaching weeks were specifically made to provide you with a one of a kind learning experience. You will use biblical truths, Gospel stories, and intense research to create art and story forms to pioneer new ways of visually sharing the gospel for a specific people group.


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Phase 3: Be sent off on an Adventure
(or two…)

The Adventure awaits, we’re just waiting for you…

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    Build your Foundation

    For four weeks you’ll develop a strong foundation in cross-cultural communication, and a love for the Unreached. There’s no better way to start a Frontier course than this, it will change your world like it has been doing for many many years

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    Develop your skills

    After a good foundation is made, the Academy then enters it’s second phase, where Courses split up, and start to focus on specialized training. Here you’ll receive input by some of the best out there in their respective fields. It’s time to focus, and develop skills that are useful, and needed out on the field!

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    Get out there and do something

    In the third part of the Academy you’ll be involved in real-life projects, using your new skills and knowledge to create something for an Unreached People Group. This is when it all comes together!

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