Well done in taking the first step to applying for the Academy, visiting this page! The application process is listed below, simply go through each step, and you’ll be just swell.

Please be aware, we will not be running in 2018

Initial Application

Supplementary Questions

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to read our FAQ, it will almost certainly answer many of the questions you have about the school, fees, the application process, and life here in Thailand.


Download and send the Medical Forms

Please print off the medical form and email it to us when you have it completed at

Medical Forms

Send the Reference Forms

The link below leads to a reference form page that you can send to your references, such as a Pastor or friend, as well as their DTS leader.
In order to complete your application, you need three reference forms. Please have them fill it out, and we’ll automatically receive an email when they’re complete.

Reference Forms Page

Pay your school fees

You will be advised when it is best to send payments after applying for the school.

Payments Page