We do not intend on running this course in 2018. You can get in touch if you want more info though.


This Course includes the Academy’s Foundation phase, the Fine Arts phase, and an outreach/internship phase. It’s registered as CMC 265/266 under the UofN


This Course Runs from the 3rd of July, through to 15th of December 2017


Chiang Mai Thailand + Project Location


108,900 THB (Approx. $3100USD)
This includes school, living, registration, visa, and insurance, costs.
We have scholarships available!

Full Course Overview

Our fine arts course is an art program focused on developing culturally relevant art resources for Unreached peoples. Come and train with us and use your passion and talent for art to expand God’s Kingdom. We have a full curriculum packed into six months! These teaching weeks were specifically made to provide you with a one of a kind learning experience. Students will use biblical truths, gospel stories and research to create art and story forms to pioneer new ways of visually sharing the gospel for a specific people group. At the end of six months your artwork will become a practical tool for missionaries to use to bring the gospel to life. Join our vibrant arts and media community in Chiang Mai if you want to develop your visual arts skills to reach the nations!

The fine arts course is accredited with the UofN and is an elective of the College of Communications and the College of Christian Ministries. The course code is CMC 265/266 The outreach is an internship with Create Int.

Foundations Phase

The filmmaking course participates, along with everyone in the Academy, in the Foundations phase. This is a major aspect of what makes the Academy different from other media-related courses. To check out what it entails, check out the Foundations page

The Foundation

Fine Arts

The second phase of the fine arts course we begin with foundational courses in drawing and painting. Then we continue building on what you are learning to bring you to an intermediate and potentially advanced level. While developing art skills you will simultaneously be learning about God’s heart for missions among the unreached and the importance of culture. These concepts are taught through lectures, weekly outreaches, visits to local art museums, assigned readings, a journey to an unreached people group, and ultimately through us collaborating together.

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    Intro to Drawing

    We will start off the course by teaching students the basics of drawing. This will include such skills as composition, form, shapes, value, perspective, space, and different mediums. This is the foundational week on which all the others will be based.We will start at the very beginning of building drawing skills, so no matter what level you are, we will help you to grow and become more confident in drawing. All you need to bring is a desire to try!

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    Advanced Life Drawing

    This week we will focus on figure drawing, using different mediums (pastel, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, conte, markers) to draw people from real life. This week is a lot of fun! Drawing people in real life is very beneficial to give a broader understanding of proportions and spatial awareness.

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    Intro and Advanced painting

    Two weeks will be focused on working with wet mediums, moving into using brushes and canvas instead of pencil and paper.The first week is Intro to Painting. We will use acrylic and watercolor to start learning about color theory, such as primary colors, complimentary colors, and more!For the second week, we will move onto Advanced painting, which will be using oil paint, and making more complex compositions. This is when we get to combine the skills gained from all the weeks into one art piece

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    Cross-cultural Art Techniques

    We will learn how to research and interact with a new/foreign culture, with the intent of creating something contextualized. This includes being in their own style and language, for use of spreading the gospel.We will look at other culture’s art styles and expressions to see how we can adapt them for use in a project.You will use one or two mediums learned from the other weeks, to create a contextualized piece during this week.

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    Digital Media Training in Adobe’s Photoshop

    In today’s world a working knowledge in digital media, including Photoshop is essential. We make sure we our students have a good grasp at the program, as well as advanced skills in the particular functions that are needed to create multi-plane animation for their gospel presentations.

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    Digital Visual Effects for Film

    Digital visual effects makes its way into every film, large or small. We will learn how to navigate Adobe’s After Effects, and how to use it to create title sequences, credit roles, and minor in-film effects like explosions, gun fire, and image composition.

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    Digital Video Editing Techniques and Tools

    Editing is a key aspect of the filmmaking process, and as such deserves a whole week of class to cover it. We cover the editing process, the editors role in the production, and how editing ultimately impacts the story

Outreach and Internship

After the three-month lecture phase, students will be directly involved in the production of a visual art tool for a specific people group. This will include travel to the people group for research, and consultations with workers among those people. Upon return we begin production on this fine-arts tool. Students will receive hours of guided production work at our facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The field assignment lasts three months.

Contact us for more info

If you’re not ready to apply, and you want to find out more, then feel free to email us at:

Bruna - Course Leader

“The Fine Arts course aims to develop your art skills and use it to reach the unreached through a clear visual message about the bible stories in their own art style. Come and be trained to produce unique materials, it may be the one who the lost will have access!”

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