The Unreached

No matter what course you decide to take, all of our courses are dedicated, and focused on the Unreached world, as with the rest of Create International. The Foundation, as well as all of our courses, use this as a focus, and all work towards projects are focused on the Unreached


Although everyone goes through the Foundation, afterwards you split up into various Courses which will help you focus on a particular medium. You can find out what Courses we’re running at the moment here:

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Everything you find below under the Foundation phase, everyone does. But, when it comes time to split into Course, you’ll only be able to go to one Course at a time. You may, of course, come back and take different courses but you cannot take two at the same time.

Foundations Overview

Many people begin the application process by asking: ‘what makes your school different then a normal filmmaking/art school?’

Our response? It’s what we lay those skills on top of that counts. The Academy, in keeping with Create International’s spirit and vision, is completely dedicated to Frontier missions, to the reaching of the Unreached, and the extension of God’s Kingdom to those that not only haven’t heard of Him, but have no immediate access to hear about Him.

As such, all of our courses begin with a basic, but hugely important, overview on a number of subjects that we’ve found separate a traditional media, film, or art, school with one that has a genuine focus on missions and the Unreached

Quality, not Quantity (but we’ll certainly stuff as much into that brain as we can…)

There are a number of subject matters that our Foundation covers. We’ve found that they are extremely linked, and intermingle greatly, but for brevity’s sake, we’ve listed them as four separate sections. Each of these sections as developed over a number of years, often in tandem, so as to find the best balance of sheer information, practicality, and usefulness. Each is only considered an introduction into the subject, but we can tell you now, we try our very best to have you walking away with your life forever shifted.

Copy of Equip2Go+

The Equip2Go seminar is a stunning seminar that was developed a number of years ago, and as since been around the world, developing and equipping more and more people to go where we’re not, more effectively. So why the ‘+’? Well, when we run the seminar here, we don’t ‘just’ run a seminar, we run it with the very people who developed it in the first place! Many years of work, done right here at Create, is what went into this course. There is literally no better way, that we know of, that will set you better than this seminar.

Cross-Cultural Communication and Strategic Media in Missions

Although we cover strategy in missions in the Equip2Go seminar, we’ve found that, because of time constraints, our students haven’t gotten enough real-life examples. That’s what this week is all about! We bring in a number of real on-field workers that are using media in their missions, and we let them loose into the class. We pull apart why certain ministries work the way they do, and how different mediums, genres, and tools can be used on the field.

EthnoArts and Musicology

A proper understanding of the intersection between a people group’s art and culture is integral to the effectiveness of the tools that you’ll eventually be making. Because of that, we dedicate an entire week to the subject, analysing what place art as in society, how that influences a people group and it’s culture, and how it should affect our response, and Gospel presentation.


All art is storytelling. No matter if we’re filming, painting, drawing, writing, or photoshopping, one would hope that we’re telling a story. So, why wouldn’t we then cover this extremely important subject? By incluing it within the Foundations course, rather than only within a few of our courses, we are able to extend the breadth of the subject, allowing students with different talents, passions, and vision, to be in the same room while discussing together what storytelling is, and what it means to them, and the Great Commission.

Keegan West - Training Administrator

We’ve really been doing the Foundation in all of our schools for some time now. But solidifying it, and coming together to learn, and exchange ideas, will change the way we deliver, and develop the content. I’m excited to see what happens when painters and filmmakers sit together, and discuss these amazing subject-matters. I for one, don’t intend to miss it for the world…

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