Everything you do will be accredited. Every time. That’s our promise to you.

How is it all worked out on the UofN side?

Every one of our courses is accredited with the University of the Nations. And that will never change. You can be rest-assured that if you’re participating in the Academy, that your efforts will be recognized.
Many though have asked us how specifically that works with the Foundations phase, Courses phase, Outreach phase.
We’ll take the Filmmaking Course as an example. Students who come to the Academy with the intention of studying filmmaking will complete the following sections:

  • The Foundation
  • The Filmmaking Course
  • And then an Outreach

Each of the above, together, is registered under the University with the CHR/CMC 287/288 code.

As is with all of the Courses. The Foundation, plus the Course, equals the UofN ‘Course’ and then if you attend the Outreach, the attached Outreach ‘Course’

Pursue the new Communications Arts and Media AA and BA Degree!

A new “Communications Arts and Media AA and BA Degree” has been developed in the College of Communications. The Cross-Cultural Concentration degrees program will meet the needs of students who are preparing themselves to take on innovative art and media projects in a cross-cultural setting. Increasingly students are equipping themselves to be a blessing “from the nations to the nations.” God has been speaking to us in Youth With A Mission for many years about this wave of young people out of all of the nations of the Earth coming to us–and it is happening. Many are from countries and peoples who are or were once considered to be Unreached! We are committed to developing effective accessible training that is relevant to this “Multi-Cultural Digital Age.”

Core Curriculum Requirement


Courses that fulfil the core curriculum are essential in the U of N and must be completed for the Bachelor’s degree and for some Associate’s degrees. For the Master’s candidate, a Biblical Studies course is a prerequisite in addition to an appropriate Bachelor’s degree.
The Core Curriculum requirement gives the student basic skills in Biblical Studies (Bible), Communication Skills (Communication), and Applied Christian Thinking (ACT).

Courses that meet these requirements are:

Bible: CHR 211, 213, 225, 227, 221/322/323

Communication: CMC 211, 221; CHR 371; CHR/CMC 287 (This is our Filmmaking Course)

ACT: HMT/SCI 211, 213; HMT 215, 217